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The aim of IDP is to relieve the causes and effects of poverty suffering and distress among the most deprived communities in Ethiopia by improving people's access to - and control over - health, education, food security, clean water and economic development.

In particular, we strive to: 

  • increase access to health care for rural communities;
  • extend the provision of basic education;
  • ensure clean, safe water and suitable sanitation facilities are available to all;
  • improve food security and develop agricultural resources;
  • promote sustainable livelihoods and reduce economic insecurity;
  • tackle environmental degradation and the continuing risk to the country's culture and heritage.

In view of the above aims, our objectives are:

  • To strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of local institutional capacity in Ethiopia, primarily (though not exclusively) in the health and education sectors;
  • To rehabilitate, re-equip and re-supply rural health centres and provide appropriate training to health professionals;
  • To improve the quality of the learning environment and the level of teaching by providing educational materials and improving access to information;
  • To support agricultural development through the provision of basic resources and appropriate technology;
  • To promote natural resource management, erosion control and the use of renewable resources;
  • To encourage co-operative links between civil society organisations and institutions in Britain and their counterparts in Ethiopia.


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