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    National Institutions  
    Parliament of Ethiopia The Parliament of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia - includes information about the House of the Peoples' Representatives.  
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Formulates and implements Ethiopia's foreign policy and co-ordinates all relations of other (Ethiopian) government organs with foreign states and international organizations.  
    Ministry of Health Formulates and implements health policy and planning for the country.  
    Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Formulates development policy and planning, enabling the realization of fundamental economic transformation.  
    Ministry of Agriculture Aims to create a modern and highly productive agricultural system that uses more advanced technology to enable the the eradication of poverty.  
    Ethiopian Telecommunications Commission Develops and maintains Ethiopia's modern information and communication network.  
    Ministry of Science and Technology Aims to enhance science and technology and to initiate, organize and encourage research and development activities that enable the realization of the country's socio-economic development objectives.  
    Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research  Conducts research that will provide market competitive agricultural technologies contributing to increased agricultural productivity and nutrition quality, sustainable food security, economic development, and conservation of the integrity of natural resources and the environment.  
    Ethiopian Investment Authority A one-stop-shop for investors with the aim of eliminating all "cumbersome bureaucratic procedures".  
    Ethiopian Mapping Agency The national mapping organisation officially mandated for Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing activities in Ethiopia.  
    Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia

Administers countrywide statistical surveys and census reports.

    Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency Collects, systematically organises, preserves and makes accessible the information resources of the country for the purposes of study and research.  
    National AIDS Resource Centre A leading center for health communication that saves lives, enhances well-being and facilitates social change in Ethiopia.  
    Institute of Ethiopian Studies - Addis Abeba University Serves as the center of Ethiopian studies at the national and international levels.  
    Ethiopian Embassy London Provides diplomatic and consular services in the UK. Promotes Ethiopian culture and provides information about Ethiopia.  
    Ethiopian Embassy Washington DC Provides diplomatic and consular services in the USA. Promotes Ethiopian culture and provides information about Ethiopia.  
    Multilateral Agencies    
    World Bank Provides lending for over 130 projects in Ethiopia that have focused on, among other things, Infrastructure, Protection of Basic Services, Food Security, Education  
    IMF - International Monetary Fund Promotes international monetary cooperation and exchange rate stability, facilitates the balanced growth of international trade, and provides resources to help members in balance of payments difficulties or to assist with poverty reduction.  
    UN-ECA - UN Economic Commission for Africa The regional arm of the United Nations, mandated to support the economic and social development of its member States, foster intra-regional integration, and promote international cooperation for Africa's development.  
    AU - African Union Africa's premier institution and principal organization for the promotion of accelerated socio-economic integration of the continent, which will lead to greater unity and solidarity between African countries and peoples.
    African Development Bank (ADB) A regional multilateral development bank, engaged in promoting the economic development and social progress .  
    UN OCHA - UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs Responsible for monitoring relief needs and providing humanitarian support services to the UN Country Team.  
    WHO - UN World Health Organisation Gives technical support to the Government of Ethiopia within a range of health-related priority areas.  
    WFP - UN World Food Program In 2009, WFP assisted almost ten million people in Ethiopia, mainly in the form of emergency food assistance to up to 6.2 million people highly affected by the recurrent drought. WFP is also a major partner in Ethiopia's Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), which reaches 7.5 million rural dwellers with much-needed support while generating community assets  
    FAO - UN Food and Agriculture Organization Aims to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity and to better the condition of rural populations.  
    UNHCR - UN High Commission for Refugees Co-ordinates international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems.  
    UNICEF - UN International Childrens' Fund Supports national and regional efforts towards the realisation of the rights of the child to survival, development, protection and participation within recognised priority areas.  
    UNDP - UN Development Program Supports Ethiopia's efforts to achieve the Millennium Declaration principles and the Millennium Development Goals  (MDGs), most notably to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; promote gender equality and empowerment of women, and to ensure environmental sustainability.  
    UNESCO - UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Provides international assistance under the World Heritage Convention to help protect Ethiopia's seven World Cultural and one Natural Heritage sites.  
    UNCDF - UN Capital Development Fund Supports the strengthening of Regional Governments in the four Emerging Regions to deepen democratic governance and improve service delivery, through the development of fully operational democratic, accountable and responsive regional and local/Woreda governments.  
    EC - European Commission Contributes to reducing regional income inequalities, accelerating sustained economic development and regional integration as well as strengthening democratic processes in order to achieve and maintain peace, security and economic prosperity in the Horn of Africa.  
    ECHO - European Commission Humanitarian Office Responds to humanitarian needs caused by recurrent droughts, floods, epidemics, periodic food shortages as well as internal and external conflicts in different parts of the country.  
    International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD) Provides grants and loans for rural development and rural finance projects, and has provided debt relief.  
    UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund The United Nations Population Fund is an international development agency that promotes the right of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity.  UNFPA supports countries in using population data for policies and programmes to reduce poverty and to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person is free of HIV/AIDS, and every girl and woman is treated with dignity and respect.  
    Bilateral Agencies     
    British Council, Ethiopia Works to showcase UK excellence, innovation and creativity for the benefit of the individual and for the mutual benefit of the UK and Ethiopia.  
    DfID - UK Department for International Development Manages Britain's aid to Ethiopia and works to eradicate extreme poverty.  
    USAID - US Agency For International Development USAID's Ethiopia portfolio is one of the largest and most complex in Africa. Assistance capitalises on partnership with the Ethiopian Government to deliver basic public services and tackle poverty.  
    CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency Canada is the fourth largest bilateral donor in Ethiopia. CIDA's programming supports Ethiopia's Plan for Accelerated Sustained Development to Eradicate Poverty.  
    SIDA -Swedish International Development Agency Sweden's flexible humanitarian efforts are combined with long-term strategies to combat poverty. SIDA isnow focusing efforts towards democratic and economic development as well as education and health.  
    Other Sources of Information    
    Relief Web Information for the humanitarian relief community.  
    IRIN Humanitarian news and analysis.  
    Reuters: Alert Net Alerting humanitarian organisations to emergencies.  
    FEWSNET - Famine Early Warning Systems Network Provides timely and rigorous early warning and vulnerability information on emerging and evolving food security issues.  
    CIA World Factbook Contains a wealth of information, from unclassified current publications to basic references, reports and maps.  
    US Library of Congress - Country Study & Country Profile (pdf) The USA's oldest federal cultural institution serving as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.  
    Rural Poverty Portal A website where rural poor people, policy-makers, donors, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and other development partners can share information about eradicating rural poverty.  
    Water Resource Development in Ethiopia A paper discussing issues of Sustainability and Participation  
    Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (Univ of Texas) A range of maps of Ethiopia.  
    Washburn University School of Law Ethiopia law resource page with links to Ethiopia law, Ethiopia law schools, Ethiopia legal research, Ethiopia legislative bodies and more.  
    Univ. of Pennsylvania, Africa Studies Centre On-Line resources related to Ethiopia.  
    FCO - UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office  Safety / security advice and travel information  
    National Geographic Travel information on Ethiopia with superb photographs.  
    Bill Stephenson, Photographer Professional Photographer: worked for UN, Oxfam UK and other humanitarian aid organisations  


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