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Photo: Heidi Cutts/IDP

IDP works to improve the lives of some of Ethiopia's most isolated communities. In particular, we strive to improve people's access to - and control over - health, education, food security, water & sanitation and economic development.

Registered in both the UK and in Ethiopia, we work with local civil society organisations and government authorities to improve access to services normally outside the reach of rural villagers.

Our work involves:

  • HEALTH - providing better access to health care by rehabilitating and re-equipping health facilities and encouraging collaborative links between medical professionals in Ethiopia and their counterparts in the UK;

  • EDUCATION - supplying rural schools with essential learning materials and classroom furniture from the UK;

  • AGRICULTURE - supporting local farmers to increase production by providing seeds, basic agricultural tools and equipment, appropriate technology and irrigation systems.

  • WATER, SANITATION and HYGIENE - reducing the incidence of water-borne disease by improving access to clean water, effective disposal of waste and practical education in personal hygiene.

  • ENVIRONMENT - tackling land degradation and soil conservation through pastural and forestry development and encouraging the use of renewable resources.

  • HERITAGE - preserving, protecting and promoting Ethiopia's traditions, culture and history by raising awareness and facilitating links between museums and galleries in the UK and their counterparts in Ethiopia.










Inspiring young readers
in Ethiopia

In the town of Debark in the Simien Highlands, among some of the most disadvantaged communities in northern Ethiopia, we are helping to improve the level of English language tuition for over 6,500 primary school students by providing classroom furniture, computers and IT equipment, library books and support for English language teachers in all seven primary schools in the town.

At the end of their primary school years, a good level of English language ability is vital if students are to pass Grade 8 exams, which are set in English, and progress to secondary school where English is the medium of tuition.

Many students are unable to reach secondary school as their understanding of English is not good enough to pass Grade 8 exams. Their teachers are enthusiastic and committed but they too have not been taught English well.

We are making improvements the learning environment and providing opportunities for after-school study by providing:

  •  Over 100 school desks
  •  More than 200 classroom chairs
  •  12 computers, along with digital and
     overhead projectors
  •  Library shelving
  •  Over 6,000 new, age-appropriate English
     language books to stock the libraries in
     each of the seven schools (three of the
     schools never had libraries before).

Many of the teachers have never left Debark, nor had the opportunity to meet a native English speaker. We provided training workshops, phonics training information, systems for monitoring and assessing students’ progress, along with training DVDs, videos, documentaries and podcasts to help teachers become more familiar with English pronunciation and the way the language is used.

  •  Meet some of the students and
      teachers from the primary schools
      in Debark – click here

  •  Read how we are inspiring young
      readers in Ethiopia with help from
       Book Aid International

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